Geeks in Garb

CraviAwesome Cosplay is based on the design work and imagination of Aubrey Craviotto who custom makes each costume. This couple loves to group cosplay and attend conventions all over the Country to share their passion.



Geekdom has been one of the greatest common interests of ours since the moment we met! This made it an easy choice for a new hobby for team CraviAwesome. Whether it's gaming together, traveling to Con's in costume, or just hosting game nights, we love to share our passion for creativity and nerdom. 
We believe that Jesus Christ was the ultimate Cosplay! God wrapped Himself in human flesh to show us how to be in perfect relationship with Himself and each other! We love to create costumes that display our God-given creativity and help us connect with people who may not have heard about Jesus. 
We aspire to create a community that loves selflessly and is 100% inclusive and safe- not to mention a BLAST.





Coeur d'Con Summer 2015

Pinkie Pie from Hasbro's My Little Pony was an easy first choice to cosplay for us. I love to watch the show in all of its witty and well written banter as well as heartfelt story lines. Pinkie Pie has been a lot like my spirit animal since I began watching the show on Netflix years ago. 
This costume predated the Equestia Girl Concept of Pinkie as a human, but that was exactly my idea. What would Pinkie wear and say and how would she act?


Award For Best Adult Cosplay at Coeur d'Con 2016

A favorite free and local convention in North Idaho is Coeur d'Con at the Coeur d'Alene Library every August. Since I was planning on creating my first steam punk couples cosplay and all my fabric was red and blue I knew there would be only one choice! We had a blast showcasing them at Sakuro Con in 2016 as well!


Halloween 2017

We like to call this one Mad Maxine. The concept was created through the idea that we wanted to be warriors for our Harvest Festival booth. 
This costume was created in a matter of 8 days. It started as football pads, a lazy susan, a crimper, and some hightop converse I have owned forever. It was a huge success at the event!


Emerald City Comic Con 2018

Our first large scale convention was a last minute decision! Our good friends and sister were going to be attending as the three good fairies from Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" in steam punk garb. We chose to be villans! These two steampunk creations were my original concept and design. Many of the pieces were hand sewn or detailed by myself. While the project consumed many hours, it had only a month to go from start to finish and we did it!

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