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April 19, 2019

Welcome to our very FIRST Cosplay update!


As you may know, Kyle and I were geeks before we knew each other. My love for comic books, cartoons, and cinema paired perfectly with his love of gaming. I am a costume designer at heart and Kyle gracefully consents to wear any cool medieval or steampunk costume I roll out!


We have had so much fun together dressing up and going to comic conventions. Our passion doesn’t come without a price. HUGE amounts of time, money, and creativity go into costuming and cosplaying. More work goes in than you might expect.

That's why we're beyond stoked to announce that we have added “Progress Pictures” to our cosplay page! Now you can see just a few pictures showing a small portion of the hard work behind the scenes that it takes to build a costume.


Please check them out by clicking on “Cosplay” on the toolbar of our website or by clicking HERE.


If you didn’t know, Pinkie Pie from Hasbro’s hit cartoon My Little Pony is one of my favorite characters and my very first Cosplay. I haven’t stopped designing and working on this costume since its conception 3 years ago for Coeur d’Con 2015!

I've even acquired all sorts of new tools to work on these projects like a serger, mannequin, Cricut, and more props to help bring my vision of Pinkie Pie to life.


We believe that the geek world is a place for Jesus followers to engage and share the incredible truth that Jesus was the greatest cosplay of all time. After designing us each by hand, and watching us mess up time after time, He loved us enough to give up His God-ness and wrap himself up in humanity to show us the way to get right with God again. That is worth sharing! Kyle and I believe we have been given this passion and skill to do just that.


So what do you think?


Be sure to send us your feedback on our content and let us know if you want to see more! Would you like to see tutorials for some of these props and costumes??? Don't be shy and remember to connect with us on Facebook here!



Thanks for reading and as always,

God double bless!


-Aubrey + Resa


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