Part I: Rainbow Resa's Birth Story

There are some memories in life that bring sweetness and warmth and others that seem locked until they are grieved. Resa's birth is a mixture of the two....Let me start with the plan:

Our plan was to have an all natural (no intervention or medication) home birth, preferably with a pool (aka water birth). We chose Spokane River Midwives as our support, Morgan as our doula, and Sue as our maternity, birth, and newborn photographer. These three choices were some of the best I have made.

Labor started out fun and silly!

Our good friend Wes needed a place to stay between flights so we were playing a rousing game of Catan. I would get a strong "whoosh" cramp like feeling as my turn approached that told me that it was FINALLY time after almost 42 weeks of waiting!

Wes went to bed around midnight & we began texting our beautiful Doula Morgan about our progress. She came when I began needing to really focus to get through the contractions in the early morning. Even after the contractions got closer together and a bit more difficult to breath through Morgan, Kyle, and I just spent our time laughing, talking, and snacking.

My mom and sister who live with us were ready and available. My mom had created a gorgeous assortment of snacks, as always, to munch. It was just a small group till the morning hours. I get goosebumps remembering the joy and excitement that was pulsing through Resa and I for her arrival!

Our photographer Sue Johnson (CDA Birth Photographer) came over a few times during the process to document and enjoy this process.

After lots of singing and breathing deep breaths, with a huge smile on my face, my waters finally broke! To our surprise, it had meconium (baby's first poo) in it.

What we couldn't have known was that Resa had, as many babies do, released meconium in the womb and then aspirated some (which means breathed some into her lungs).

Since the waters only broke partially, we called the midwives. They showed up right away with a couple student midwives to check on us. Around the time I finally released most of the "waters" I was ready for some pool time! The contractions got hard enough that I couldn't sing through them.

I was so set on a natural water birth at home that I actually prepared myself for the worlds most painful birth while also believing for an easy one!

It's a good thing I did. As fate would have it, Resa turned around to be what they call, "Sunny Side Up" or backwards, putting all the weight of her back and head on my spine. (OUCH!!!)

As soon as we realized her unfavorable positioning, we did stretches and postures to spin her, but she just wouldn't spin! (She may have even moved and then returned to that same position). And just like that, my labor was extended by about 10 hours.

To save you a very long read, I will tell you what I remember.

I remember...

Warm comforting water, consoling me, as tremors came from within my body to squeeze my entire midsection.

Friendly faces asking me questions to which I had no answers apart from nodding.

Moving only when told, and the sun setting signalling a full day of labor and knowing that I was just getting started.

I remember...

Information and options to go to the hospital, warnings, and checks for Resa's heart beat followed by relief as she was always doing just fine. I woke up over and over, which I realized was because I was falling asleep after each contraction. Each time I would wake, my gentle doula, Morgan, would morph into a three person army to get me through the fight. Sometimes she was a coach and I felt like a boxer in the ring. She was rubbing my shoulders and forcing me to drink fluids while rolling oils on me to help speed up the labor. Other times she was like a mother to me, reminding me that I was beautiful and sweetly suggesting I get some rest when I could. The best times where when she was my friend crying, singing, and praying with me or sleeping on my couch because she had already been there a full 24 hours.

I remember...

Waking up in the pool surrounded by silence and darkness. Kyle was finally taking a break and all the other birth professionals who had come to help out were catching what shut eye they could. I was glad for the quiet, but felt another contraction on the horizon. Panic pulsed through me when I realized Kyle was not at my shoulder. I cried out silently to God for help, when who but my incredible sister would appear to breath with me and gently massage my shoulders.

Her skilled massage therapist hands instructed my body to rel